Stay True to Yourself and Make the Best Out of It

For instance, you go to a cafe with your friends, looking at a showcase of cakes. You were taking time to choose just one cake, but you don’t know what you want. Then your friend says to you: “I think I’m gonna get a fruit tart! How about you get the same as mine?” So you were like: “Yeah sounds fair..” You ended up choosing what your friend suggested you.

This is just an everyday scenario that can happen to us. Life is full of decisions, whether small or big. Perhaps we don’t mind following other people’s thoughts when it comes to choosing a cake, but we want to be a kind person who knows what we want in our life, don’t we?
if you’re a kind of person that…

  • Is afraid of what other people think
  • Follows the crowd
  • Is too scared of expressing yourself
  • Is not confident in yourself
  • Cares about how other people look at you
  • Is easily affected by what others say or do
  • Prefers others to make decisions for you
  • Wants to be acknowledged by others
  • Feels at ease when making the same decisions as others
  • Is afraid to be disliked

What Kind of Person Is the One Who “Stays True To Himself”?

It is a person that knows exactly what he wants to do and how he wants to be. He does not overly think about how others look at him and is honest with his own thoughts and feelings. Because he is happy with the way he lives, others view him as attractive. Even when he is at the crossroads of his life, because he knows his values and goals, he knows what to do.

On the other hand, the one who cares too much about other people’s point of view is too afraid to express his own thoughts and feelings in front of others. He’s easily wavered by what people around him say and think, so others may view him as indecisive and lacking confidence in himself.
Is there anything that can help us live our life as ourselves?

Acknowledge What You Are

First of all, you need to accept yourself as what you are. We all may have tendency of pursuing the image of how we WANT to be, but love your imperfection. It’s okay even if you’re not confident in yourself or make mistakes, just embrace yourself the way you are. Don’t allow yourself to be an enemy.

Know What You Want

Sometimes you may feel lost, don’t know what you really want in your life. Just stop and think for a moment: “How do I think about this? What do I want to do with it? What makes me feel this way?” As you become more sensitive to your own heart and mind say, it’ll be natural for you to speak out. Share your thoughts and feelings with others. Then you will be blooming your true friendship with others 🙂

Make It A Habit to Make Your Own Decision

Think about the scenario at the beginning of this article. From today onward, try to make it a habit to make your own decision, whether it is small or big. A key is to feel what your heart says about what is comfortable, fun, and enjoyable for you. Knowing what you really WANT to do and acting on it can bring you a degree of satisfaction.

Make Time To Be By Yourself

Of course it’s fun to spend time with others. But have you ever felt you’re trying to keep up with people’s pace when you’re around them? Often we stop thinking and let others make choices for us. Or we don’t even know what we want to do anymore because we’re just following what they say and do. Don’t be afraid to say NO to a few invites and set time for yourself to be alone and think what you really want in life. Many people overlook the importance of doing this, but I bet it helps us to build a strong solid foundation for your inner self 🙂

So, try to work on to make time to strengthen your mindset 🙂 When you know what you want and act on it rather than simply letting others lead your life, you’re happy because you have your life, your value, your standards under your control. Cheers!