Effective Anger Management – Anger Diary

Do you sometimes feel upset or irritated at work or at home without knowing why? Many times those feelings disappear eventually, so you might not mind it much. However, it is true that we feel stressed while we’re upset. Wouldn’t it be great if we can manage our anger well […]

Whet Your Appetite With Korean Food!

Have you ever had Korean food? Don’t you love their spiciness? Just looking at pictures of them whet my appetite. Well, even Korean restaurants near by your house are not opened or available, you can still enjoy eating them at home! What menus are there and how can we cook […]

Make The Best Use Of Your Balcony!

During the Pandemic, we have more time to decorate our home. But how about your balcony? Doesn’t it sound good to make it a place for your relaxation? In Thailand, we have an increasing number of infected ones.. so friends and I have been talking about ways to make our […]

How To Make Botanical Candles

Have you made a botanical candle before? I’d like to introduce the candle lesson done by Rie Hirayama today. It’s worth making it, filling flowers that you love into a handmade candle. This is just perfect for your room interior and just something extra to make you feel relaxed and […]

Write Down Your Feelings

What do you usually do when you’re discouraged or overwhelmed by negative feelings? There are also ways for positive venting that can reduce your stresses – one way I’d like to introduce today is .. writing down your feelings on your note book. Feelings Cannot Be Put Into Words Automatically […]

Stay True to Yourself and Make the Best Out of It

For instance, you go to a cafe with your friends, looking at a showcase of cakes. You were taking time to choose just one cake, but you don’t know what you want. Then your friend says to you: “I think I’m gonna get a fruit tart! How about you get […]

How to Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

The situation under COVID-19 presents unique opportunities and challenges for couples. Some people meet one another online and started dating during the Pandemic, and some break up because the long distance and not being able to see each other in person make them apart. What can help you maintain the […]

Coffee Shops in Nan That All Coffee Lovers Should Go!

Have you been to Northern province in Thailand called Nan? It is about 5 hours drive from the famous city, Chiang Mai. For your information, it requires a 10-hour long car trip from Bangkok straight up to the north. Haha, it takes just one hour and so by air, so […]

Ideas For Socially Distant Date During COVID-19

Are you dating someone? Many people find it challenging to keep their relationships going during the Pandemic, as it poses restrictions that it’s hard for couples to regularly see in person. Any tips for date in this time? YES!! Let’s see what can help couples to maintain and increase the […]