Make The Best Use Of Your Balcony!

During the Pandemic, we have more time to decorate our home. But how about your balcony? Doesn’t it sound good to make it a place for your relaxation? In Thailand, we have an increasing number of infected ones.. so friends and I have been talking about ways to make our time at home a little more cozy one, and there’s no end of the story haha. It can just go endlessly. Let’s take a look at some ideas and YouTube videos that caught my eyes recently.

How About More Plants?

Are you good at taking care of plants? Even if you’re not, that’s okay. I myself was a bit worried that if I’m not at home everyday (I’m imagining when the Pandemic is over), can I look after them well? There are kinds of plants that are easier to take care. Such as..

  • Aloe
  • Snake plants
  • Spider plants
  • Succulents
  • Heart Leaf Philodendron
  • Pothos
  • Herbs

If you enjoy these plants with cute little decoration items to make your interior into a space that you just love and relax, you can turn your room into a place of your dream 😉

These are some videos that I fell in love in the past few weeks:

You can also start gardening in your balcony. No worries even though you have a limited space! You can still make it work 🙂

Balcony is a part of your living space. Even if you maintain your room nice, cozy, and clean, but you leave your balcony as it is, without you realizing you might feel a lack of relaxation. So don’t forget to do even a small thing you can do to turn it into a beautiful space.

Of course, it may take your time and efforts to decorate your balcony and also maintain the cleanness. But when you look at these videos, don’t you think it’s worth it? 😉