Hua Hin – One of the TOP 10 Travel Destinations in Thailand!

HUA HIN – If you have visited Thailand before, perhaps you’ve heard the name before. It is a beach city just a couple of hours of drive away from Bangkok to the South. I used to live there for 8 years, and I liked it very much. I thought it was a good mixture of the East and the West, not too quiet but not too crowded either (except for the weekends or holidays when the tourists from other provinces are traveling there). There were a number of good cafes, restaurants, and shopping malls/grocery stores where you can easily get “the taste of home”. It’s perfect if you don’t like to be in a big crowded city like Bangkok but still want convenience and access to peaceful, serene places too. Just a half hour drive from the city center, you can get to the mountains, pineapple fields, or the white sand beach with no people 🙂 Today I’d like to share a few of my favorite spots in/nearby Hua Hin. Some may be closed due to COVID-19, but hope this will be something that will move you to come back to Hua Hin under the normal circumstances.


Of course, you CANNOT miss this night market if you visit Hua Hin. This night market is located at the south of the town, full of artistic and handmade stuffs that spark the love of art in your hearts! 😉 This market and the one right next to it called “Tamarind Market” have lots of good food with live music too!

Their official YouTube Channel helps us see the atmosphere at the market too 😉

This market is temporarily closed due to COVID-19, but I’m hoping so badly that they will open again once the situation gets better.

Open Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Time : 4.00pm – 11.00pm
More info. : 099-669-7161
Facebook : cicadamarket
Youtube: cicadamarket 


Sam Roi Yot Beach and National Park

Sam Roi Yot Beach is located in the south of Hua Hin, about 40 minutes away by car. This beach is just so beautiful, breathtaking, especially during the dry season in Thailand. There are not many people on the white-sand beach, it remains peaceful, calm, and serene. I used to love just drive by here and sit on the beach under the coconut tree alone, watching the tides come and go. There’s even a spot called “Dolphin Bay” that you can actually see dolphins swimming by chance 🙂

This video also shows how the area looks like. I’m sure for those who love hiking, you’ll love the national park!

Pa La-U Waterfall

Are you a nature lover? Then this is another place I know you will love. Just by driving for an hour from the city center of Hua Hin, through a beautiful road full of pineapple fields, fresh and green hills, possible encounters of a few elephants, super ugly red-butted monkeys, and butterflies that make you feel you’re in a wonderland or something, you will get there. The water is so refreshing, and it is not crowded as long as you travel there during the weekdays. It is located in a part of Kaeng Krachan National Park, which is one of the newly added World Heritage List. The park is well-known as a house of countless number of unique birds as well. If you love bird-watching, this place is highly recommended.

There are places that you can enjoy in/nearby Hua Hin! Next time I’d like to introduce some of the cafes and restaurants I love going when I visit there. See you until then!