How To Make Botanical Candles

Have you made a botanical candle before? I’d like to introduce the candle lesson done by Rie Hirayama today. It’s worth making it, filling flowers that you love into a handmade candle. This is just perfect for your room interior and just something extra to make you feel relaxed and peaceful at home.


  • Soy Wax (hard type) : 190g
  • Flower materials : As much as you want
  • 1 Core
  • 2 Paper Cups (150ml & 400ml)
  • Thermometer
  • Pot (IH)
  • IH Cooking Heater
  • Scale
  • Tape
  • Tweezer
  • Scissor
  • Skewer
  • Wooden Chopsticks
  • Paper Towel

How To Make A Botanical Candle

  1. Preparation : Use a bamboo skewer to make a hole in the center of the bottom of the 150ml paper cup. Let the core pass through the hole, put it out about 1cm from the bottom of the paper cup, and then tape it well so that the wax does not leak.
  2. Weighing soy wax : Place a paper cup on the scale and add 40g of soy wax. Make sure that the core is up straight. And weigh 150g of soy wax in a pot.
  3. Melting soy wax : Put the pot on the IH cooker. Make sure to melt the soy wax at low heat. Use disposable chopsticks to mix the wax. When it’s melting, put a thermometer in and raise the temperature to around 75C.
  4. Molding : Pour the melted soy wax into the paper cup until the flakes of soy wax in the cup are hidden under the surface. Sandwich the core by disposal chopsticks so that it’ll stay in the center. Wait at the room temperature until it hardens. Once it’s hardened, tear the paper cup and take out the inside.
  5. Putting Flower Material : Put the candle in a 400 ml paper cup in the center. Split the flower material into twigs. Use a tweezer to fill the gap between the paper cup and the candle with the flower material from the bottom. Try not to pack the flowers higher than the base candle. Leave some flowers for decoration.
  6. Molding : Melt the soy wax left in the pot again at low heat, raise the temperature to 75C. Once melted, pour soy wax into a paper cup. It’s okay even if you get it on the base candle.
  7. Decorate : Once the surface is hardened, use a tweezer to decorate with the flower material. Make sure decorate only at the edge of the candle.
  8. Finishing : Once it’s hardened, tear the paper cup and take out the inside. Adjust the length of the wick. Roll it with a bamboo skewer. COMPLETE!!

Things To Note:

  • The more flowers you put in, the more beautiful the pattern will be.
  • Make sure you use the thermometer to check the temperature. If it becomes higher than that, have it cool down and then pour it into the paper cup.
  • Depending on the season, the time required for the candle to harden is varied from 1 hour – half a day. Make sure it’s completely hardened before you put it out from the cup.


  • The shape of the candle might change if it gets the sun directly in the summer time.
  • In case soy wax get on your clothes or furniture, use the hot water mixed with soap to clean it.
  • When you lit the candle. make sure there’s nothing that can burn easily. Don’t leave the candle by itself while fire is on it.
  • In the video we roll the wick, but please have it around 1cm long before you lit the candle.

How Did You Like It?

Doesn’t the botanical candle in the video look gorgeous? Place it in your living room or by your bed. Every time it is in your sight, it gives you a feeling of relaxation for sure. Enjoy it after your tiring day at work.. you will be energized for the next morning 😉