How to Have an Honest and Open Communication In a Married Life

Do you view your marriage mate as your best friend? We all are imperfect, so it is possible that by the way we say things, we may make our husband or wife sad, discouraged, angry, or even disappointed. How can we avoid heartaches in our marriage life and make it thrive instead?


Have you ever had struggles to express yourself with the right words? We all have. Our marriage mate might have the same struggles. Be patient, listen to our partner as he/she is finding words to tell you how they feel. Nobody can communicate perfectly. Perhaps all he/she needs is a listening ear. Be careful not to interrupt or respond before they finish speaking.

Be Honest

Speaking the truth is the foundation of a warm and loving marriage. It builds trust and confidence that cannot easily be torn. When the world is filled up with lies and deception, your existence can help your marriage mate feel that he/she has a place of security. Being honest includes speaking your heart. In some cultures, people are just not familiar with openly expressing their affections by words. For them, saying “I love you” face-to-face is a very difficult thing. But believe me, when you learn to be open in showing your affection and admiration for your marriage mate, it moves them to put their trust in you even in times of trial. This is a very important part of a long-lasting marriage.

Be Timely

Do you set time to talk with your marriage mate? We may make time to be with our friends – but do you have a tendency to overlook the time spent with your BEST friend? Understandably, a married life is not easy. You have yourself, your home, your health, and your job that you need to look after. Although there are many responsibilities we need to bear, your marriage mate should be a priority. Make sure to plan time to spend time with him/her. Some people find the early morning to be a perfect time to be with their mate. How about you?

Today we discussed 3 ways you can do to improve your communication with your marriage mate. Trying to apply all three at once can be hard and would last only for a short period of time. So maybe start with one that you feel you need to specifically work on. May your marriage bond be strengthened day by day 😉