How Can We Spend Quality Time As A Couple Despite Living A Busy Life?

When both husband and wife are working outside their home, it’s already hard to find time to spend together. So how can we “create time” to deepen our love and appreciation for each other?


Mealtime is a perfect time for a couple to spend together! What, you’ve already had something? Then sit with your partner when he or she is having a meal! Just having you sit and chat with him/her, means a lot. Don’t forget to smile.


Or you can have a glass of drink together – perhaps wine or beer? Create a romantic atmosphere too. Just darken your room and have some warm and low lighting.. something like candles. Better if you have aroma candles 😉

And no worries even if you or your spouse is not drinking. You can even set aside some time to have a cup of tea or coffee together too. Have a relaxed time!


Some couples feel they are too tired to spend time with their spouse in the evening after a long day at work. Do you ever feel that way? Then wake up early to have breakfast with your partner! Just a simple meal – like a cup of hot, fresh coffee and a fresh piece of bread – with your best friend, turns into a luxury in the morning.

And another thing we can’t overlook – Physical touch love language!!


Are you too shy to hold hands with your mate when others are around? That’s totally okay!! You don’t have to force yourself. But how about hold his/her hand at home? 😉 Like when you are watching a movie together and playing online games together… Just holding hands will add so much sweetness into your marriage life, believe me.

“But we don’t really do anything together because the types I like and he/she likes are just too different.” Hey hey don’t leave that as it is. Of course, you guys are two different persons with different interests and thoughts and preferences.. but it doesn’t mean you cannot do things together!


Although you might find it difficult to like what your mate likes, you can still find a hobby that BOTH of you can enjoy together! It can be photographs, sports, or anything you two may have fun. Widen out and you will draw closer to one another.

Or watching some cute, well-chosen cartoons or playing games together. Maybe it is a trigger to create chances for you to have a deeper conversations as a couple as well. Or just enjoy a humorous time together? Keep it chill!


You can set aside just a few minutes to talk with your spouse before you go to bed. Having a routine to talk about what happened that day will add strengths into your marriage. AT LEAST 30 mins – 1 hour per week!! Share drinks and snacks together! If you are a couple with a child/children, it can be quite challenging to it. Some couples do well to make time together AFTER their children go to bed.


It is okay to leave your kid(s) just for a few hours or a day. Maybe your parents can help? Don’t forget to set aside time to go on a “date night” too 🙂 It will bring back your memories when you guys are a bit more younger and how fun it was to be with him/her when we started dating.

Hope you find these tips useful! See you until next time!