Giving Makes You Happy – Share What You Have With People Around You!

Do you agree with the saying: “Giving Makes You Happy”? I do!!! Isn’t it true when you take time to write a little note or a text message, a pretty flower, a small gift for your special someone, it warms your heart. It lightens up your heart. And interestingly, this fact does not change even when you’re going through some difficulties. The more you give your time, your resources, and your strengths, the happier you feel 🙂

Doesn’t Spending Money On Ourselves Make Us Happy?

Well, we still feel happy when we take care of ourselves right? Like, just spending our time in a little coffee shop, buying a book that we have been wanting to pick up and read, or taking a Thai massage and spa at a luxurious resort by the beach… we feel good when we are well taken care of. But many studies actually show that we can be even HAPPIER when we spend our money for others. So what happens in our body when we’re givers?


When you’re giving a gift to people or doing a good deed for others, your brain actually feels PLEASURE as if you’re the recipient. This is because it produces a natural, “feel-good” chemical called endorphins. Those of you who love exercise may feel refreshed after some work-out – yes, you will feel refreshed the same way when you’re giving to others.

Have you ever heard of a hormone called oxytocin? This hormone is released when you make love to someone you have a deep affection. When it floods your body, not only does it lower your stress level, but it also makes you feel secure, loved, and connected to others. It promotes a sense of trust and cooperation that strengthens our ties with other people, which hugely contributes to our having a good mental and physical health.

Oxytocin also makes us more generous and more empathetic. It naturally makes you want to show more kindness others. You see, this shows just one single act of kindness can inspire several more act of generosity. People around you will be grateful for what you do for them, and they will be attracted to you. They may even be moved to be kind to you too. That’s the reason why a generous person tends to be surrounded by caring people.


So don’t wait for holidays or festivals to be generous. Each day, find a way to show your care and generosity to people around you. It can be a small act of kindness. A saying like, “Hey, the other day I thought of you.” or a few minutes of video call can lift somebody’s spirit. Next time you buy a cup of coffee, just smile and say to a staff “thank you, have a nice day”. You can pick up trashes when walking around your neighborhood too. Whether people notice or not, it WILL make you a happier person. And you will come to love yourself more. You will have more self-confidence. It’s certainly a beautiful gift that we’re given to show love to others in this way.

Be a cheerful giver, and you will be happy 😀