Coffee Shops in Nan That All Coffee Lovers Should Go!

Have you been to Northern province in Thailand called Nan? It is about 5 hours drive from the famous city, Chiang Mai. For your information, it requires a 10-hour long car trip from Bangkok straight up to the north. Haha, it takes just one hour and so by air, so if you don’t mind paying more, I’d recommend traveling by plane 🙂

The city is surrounded by beautifully majestic mountains, its villages remind us of “good and old time”. We see many villagers work in the rice paddies which create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. There are also unique hill tribes living in some of the local villages, such as Tai Lue.

Just like other northern cities in Thailand, Nan is also well-known for good coffee 🙂 Are you a coffee lover? Then I guess Nan should be listed among the must-visit places you have! Let’s see what coffee shops Macrazy would love to suggest you!!

Cafe’ Soodgongdee

This coffee shop is located in downtown Nan, near the Nan River, Nan Mae Charim Road. You don’t really feel hot to be there because there are big plants to cover you from the sun. The shop has a balcony on the second floor for those who want to enjoy the Nan River view. You can enjoy the view during the day and at night. This cafe is opened until 5 pm. You get to taste their coffee, ice cream, cake and plenty of drinks to serve! Whether you come with friends, partners or family, we are sure you will definitely love their menu and the cool atmosphere.

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Skaddee Homestay

For anyone visiting Pua District, this coffee shop at Sakat Subdistrict is another must-visit place. The cafe will be located on Doi Sakat. There are both homestays and coffee plantations. For the atmosphere, no need to mention – YOU WILL LOVE IT! The shop also has hot drip coffee to serve, which attracts more coffee lovers. You can also enjoy the beautiful 180 degree panoramic view from the balcony 🙂

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Ban Tai Lue Cafe

When you arrive in Pua District, this coffee shop is a place you can just relax and take a seat comfortably that I would like to recommend – Ban Tai Lue Cafe!! You can’t miss this one. They have quite a unique atmosphere because the cafe is located right next to the rice field and yet you can still see the mountain view as well. Visitors can order coffee, sit down, take a sip and chill. The place is also full of colorful sarongs. There are also local vendors selling their local costumes for tourists, which are just perfect for souvenirs or for the memory for your journey.

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The View @ Kew Muang

Here’s another coffee shop with beautiful mountain view that you can sit around and chill out 🙂 We would like to recommend The View @ Kew Muang, which is located between Nan District – Santisuk, about 25 kilometers from the city. The shop is just on the hillside. Lanna style decoration goes just perfectly with the surrounding nature. The shop itself is a 2-storey wooden house with an open view. There are good spots for sitting, and each is decorated with wooden furniture and bamboo. The shop offers coffee, chocolate, rose tea, and ice cream. Sitting here and sipping coffee in a chill atmosphere makes life more refreshing and colorful 🙂

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Hope you will love our suggestions 🙂 🙂 🙂