Tips for life

Write Down Your Feelings

What do you usually do when you’re discouraged or overwhelmed by negative feelings? There are also ways for positive venting that can reduce your stresses – one way I’d like to introduce today is .. writing down your feelings on your note book. Feelings Cannot Be Put Into Words Automatically […]

Stay True to Yourself and Make the Best Out of It

For instance, you go to a cafe with your friends, looking at a showcase of cakes. You were taking time to choose just one cake, but you don’t know what you want. Then your friend says to you: “I think I’m gonna get a fruit tart! How about you get […]

Ideas to Keep You Positive During the Pandemic

Hi friends!! How are you up to? I was feeling a bit bored the other day.. And I thought it’d be great to reorganize my room. So I decided to throw away some of the things I haven’t used for 1-2 years; have a big cleaning, and buy some plants […]

Homemade Face Mask To Make Your Day Enjoyable!

“Being deeply loved gives you strengths” – So how about showing some love for yourselves after a [crappy] long-day of work?? One way you can do so is to take care of yourselves. And one way of taking care of yourselves is…. FACIAL MASK!!! Don’t we love it?? And we […]

How Can We Cook Well Like Japanese?

Each culture identifies each country. And culture has so many things involved. Food is one of them. For example, the country that I’m living in, Thailand, has a variety of food that attract people from all over the world. Its rich flavors – a mixture of sweetness, sourness, saltness, and […]