Make The Best Use Of Your Balcony!

During the Pandemic, we have more time to decorate our home. But how about your balcony? Doesn’t it sound good to make it a place for your relaxation? In Thailand, we have an increasing number of infected ones.. so friends and I have been talking about ways to make our […]

How To Make Botanical Candles

Have you made a botanical candle before? I’d like to introduce the candle lesson done by Rie Hirayama today. It’s worth making it, filling flowers that you love into a handmade candle. This is just perfect for your room interior and just something extra to make you feel relaxed and […]

Coffee Shops in Nan That All Coffee Lovers Should Go!

Have you been to Northern province in Thailand called Nan? It is about 5 hours drive from the famous city, Chiang Mai. For your information, it requires a 10-hour long car trip from Bangkok straight up to the north. Haha, it takes just one hour and so by air, so […]

Ideas to Keep You Positive During the Pandemic

Hi friends!! How are you up to? I was feeling a bit bored the other day.. And I thought it’d be great to reorganize my room. So I decided to throw away some of the things I haven’t used for 1-2 years; have a big cleaning, and buy some plants […]

Homemade Face Mask To Make Your Day Enjoyable!

“Being deeply loved gives you strengths” – So how about showing some love for yourselves after a [crappy] long-day of work?? One way you can do so is to take care of yourselves. And one way of taking care of yourselves is…. FACIAL MASK!!! Don’t we love it?? And we […]

Laughter = The Best Medicine!! How So?

Don’t you feel happier and more cheerful when you laugh? Well, you may have heard the saying: “Laughter is the best medicine.” This is actually true. There’s a number of scientific facts to support this. What are the health benefits? Here are some 🙂 Reduce The Blood Pressure There are […]

Feeling Stressed Out? Turn On Your Music

Do you enjoy listening to songs? I do! When I’m working remotely, doing chores, or just chilling out, I listen to my favorite songs. I feel music lightens up the loads – I mean, let’s say, when I’m doing my tasks, music helps me feel easier. Have you felt similar […]

Chill Out With Coffee Aroma – Good for Our Health!

Are you a coffee lover? As for me.. I have a hard time falling asleep after drinking a cup of coffee, so I try to avoid drinking it, haha. BUT! I love the coffee aroma. It makes me feel relaxed. Sometimes I love hanging out in the coffee shop nearby […]