How to Have an Honest and Open Communication In a Married Life

Do you view your marriage mate as your best friend? We all are imperfect, so it is possible that by the way we say things, we may make our husband or wife sad, discouraged, angry, or even disappointed. How can we avoid heartaches in our marriage life and make it […]

Thrive While Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)!

Do you often feel that this world is too tough for you? It’s surely hard enough, but if you’re a highly sensitive person (HSP) then perhaps you feel it even harder. So what exactly is a highly sensitive person? It is “a term for those who are thought to have […]

Effective Anger Management – Anger Diary

Do you sometimes feel upset or irritated at work or at home without knowing why? Many times those feelings disappear eventually, so you might not mind it much. However, it is true that we feel stressed while we’re upset. Wouldn’t it be great if we can manage our anger well […]

How to Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

The situation under COVID-19 presents unique opportunities and challenges for couples. Some people meet one another online and started dating during the Pandemic, and some break up because the long distance and not being able to see each other in person make them apart. What can help you maintain the […]

Ideas For Socially Distant Date During COVID-19

Are you dating someone? Many people find it challenging to keep their relationships going during the Pandemic, as it poses restrictions that it’s hard for couples to regularly see in person. Any tips for date in this time? YES!! Let’s see what can help couples to maintain and increase the […]

How Can We Spend Quality Time As A Couple Despite Living A Busy Life?

When both husband and wife are working outside their home, it’s already hard to find time to spend together. So how can we “create time” to deepen our love and appreciation for each other? HAVE A MEAL TOGETHER Mealtime is a perfect time for a couple to spend together! What, […]